Saturday, 14 August 2010


For the first time in many months, 270 KTA is spending tonight on all four (well, six) wheels, following a successful day completing the rebuild of the offside rear brakes.

There'll be a return to the blocks briefly next weekend, when I revisit the nearside to fit new shoes, but with everything so recently reassembled I hope this should be no more than a morning's work.

I'll then adjust the newly rebuilt brakes on both sides, before tackling the rather sloppy handbrake linkage which currently seems to travel in all sorts of unexpected directions when the park brake is applied. My plan is to strip it down and adjust the rods from scratch, given the brakes it controls now are very different to the ones it was tugging at six months ago.

Full details of the rear brake rebuild to follow soon, but for now I'm rejoicing in today's success with a bottle or two of Quercus IPA, from 270 KTA's local brewery in Kingsbridge. And the coach, meantime, is enjoying its own weight once again...

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