Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Apprentice

I promised earlier that I'd be carrying out all the restoration work on 270 KTA myself. But after another weekend of good progress, I'm mindful I should pay tribute to a previously overlooked but constant supporter of the project.

Here he is today, giving a second opinion on how best to progress with 270 KTA's front brakes. It's likely that recommendations will include a short nap wherever I happen to be working, followed by some enforced tummy tickling and a break for tuna sandwiches. They usually do...

The apprentice is, of course, Partridge: resident hunter gatherer, ornithological terrorist and, it would appear, bus enthusiast of great taste.

Since we've been working together at his farm, I've observed that he too is rather keen on 270 KTA, and stalks its every move as much as its owner.

A part of me is convinced he recognises the sound of a Bristol SU, flocking to the barn within minutes of one starting. Could it be that the SU holds a certain feline appeal?

So a cat's appreciation of buses is more discerning than you could ever imagine. Right down to knowing which drivers are silly enough to leave their lunch on on the driver's seat...

Ah. Maybe there's your answer.

Betwen fur balls this weekend, I've finished stripping down the nearside front brakes, unseized the two adjusters and steady posts, cleaned up the back-plate and prepared most of the area for painting. Photos of all that coming soon...

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