Friday, 1 April 2011

A Fresh Coat

I'm delighted to say that, at long last, both the paint and the vinyls have arrived for 270 KTA's forthcoming repaint.

(Layout plans courtesy of Luke Farley)

Although I'd planned to wait until mechanical work had been completed before I started on the cosmetics, I haven't been able to resist.
Here she is earlier today, with the base coat of overall white complete, rubbed down ready for topcoating.

By the weekend I hope to be applying the dark blue skirt and pink embellishments, with matt black window frames to follow next week.

I'm currently debating the best location for the 'First' fleetname on the front - above or below the grille.

If you have a view, please get back to me no later than midday today...


  1. I simply LOVE the new colour scheme for 270 KTA. The blue-on-white lends an air of conservatism, dependability, and the sense that travelling in an SU will get you to your destination in a businesslike manner, whereas the pink accents convey an idea of fun and that everyone you meet on board will be a colourful character.
    As you know I'm a big fan of First Group and can't wait for them to take over the Oxford Bus Company, hopefully rebranding without homage to the heritage of their acquisitions. Progress, man, progress.
    Oh, in other news, L's up the duff.

  2. I always thought 270 KTA was crying out for the FGW fag-packet logo of the late 90s. But I'll accept this as a temporary substitute.

  3. Haha! That's very good! I've often wondered what one of these Bristol/ECW buses would have looked like, had they survived into First ownership. Now I know!