Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Watching Paint Dry: 13 Working Days

The pressure is on - I've started working nights...

And, as the keen eyed will spot from this shot of my newly painted hub, I'm also working from home. Believe me, the coffee perculator is not just illustrative...

The time it takes for paint to dry is often a limiting factor in how much can be achieved in a day or a weekend, so I've realised that if I'm to make the Royal Blue Run on June 18th (precisely a month away), lumps of 270 KTA will have to come home with me to be painted overnight.

Seeing the hub and the brake drum gleaming is quite a boost; they're the first bits to be outshopped in the correct shade of Tilling green, as original. The green paint used by the previous owners is pretty flat by comparison, a poor approximation of the original really, and I can't wait to get rid of it. These bits, though only just visible when fitted, mark the start of my putting things right in the cosmetic department.

Speaking of putting things right, here are the reassembled offside-front brakes. The cylinders were totally seized before, but have been stripped, cleaned and rebuilt with a liberal application of copperslip. Unlike the cylinders on the back, both have a right-hand thread which means they adjust in opposite directions to one another. When it comes to it, you must remind me, the top cylinder turns 'up' to tighten whilst the bottom one turns 'down'.

I've made drawings, but I know I'll lose them.

Next task is to refit the hub, the drum, the hubcap (polished to perfection) and then.... the wheel. But which wheel?

I've promised a full blog on the find-the-right-wheels debacle - an unlikely but, I promise, rich source of comedy - and that will come in due course. But with telephone call number nine to return in the morning, the story is ongoing.

Could it be possible that, at the eleventh hour, I may finally have some correct style wheels to fit? I'm starting to think I'm the only human being alive who would notice the error if I didn't.

All the more reason to make sure I get it right.

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