Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Other Kind of Ticket

We all laughed at 'On the Buses' when Eunice Black - playing the world's most over zealous traffic warden - slapped a parking ticket on the front of Stan Butler's bus.

It doesn't seem so funny now...

You see, the problem with having 270 KTA fit for the road is that I'm now bound to behave like an excited child and do all the little things I've been dreaming of since, well, I was one... like driving over to Totnes - a major haunt of Bristol SU's in their heyday - and pretending it's 1962.

In the old days, my chosen spot was one of several bus stops on The Plains, outside the Western National enquiry office. It's only natural that I should want to recreate the scene as closely as possible on the much heralded day I should get to drive an SU to Totnes...

Even if the bus stop is now a taxi rank...

I first noticed the warden's presence through the viewfinder of my camera - some irritating woman in a high-visibility jacket getting in the way of my shot. Oh bugger.

Fortunately, the warden was more sympathetic than Eunice Black. After an outrageous lie about having some problems with the bus, she waved me on with a pitying half-smile.

I think she knew my game; as if I'd have a problem with 270 KTA!


The trip to Totnes carried the thinly veiled excuse of needing to warm up the engine to investigate our rogue ticking noise. It turns out to be number 3 injector which is making the noise - not a major problem thank goodness, but something I'll put right in the next few weeks.

Then I can really get down to some illegal parking...

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