Sunday, 24 July 2011

A Win!

Just what I need: something to polish

Not only did 270 KTA get along to her first rally today, she somehow managed to win me a cup.

"Best Single Deck Bus, 1962 to present" is a bold claim, and not one I'd make myself just yet; even at fifty paces you can see what needs to be done.

But I'll happily take some shiny silver credit for just getting 270 KTA to Plymouth's Hoe rally today; and how humbling that it's decided by a vote amongst fellow preservationists, people who know that making things look nice is the easy bit.

This was the empathy vote.

(And what a thrill to have the trophy presented to me by none other than BBC Radio Devon's Gordon Sparks, a man I haven't seen since last Friday...)

Well done, 270 KTA!

1 comment:

  1. And well deserved it was to! I think that was indeed the mood among all of us, reading the blog, we knew how much time and effort had been put into even getting her to the rally, and so certainly was just deserved! Its not about the winning, its about the taking part, but in this case, it was the taking part, that caused the winning!! Well done Shep.