Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Day At Home

On Saturday, 270 KTA will be having a day out - at home.

The (now annual) Kingsbridge Bus Running Day is a recreation of the town's bus network in the 1960s, and as Western National's Kingsbridge-based coach between 1962 and 1968, 270 KTA will be an essential visitor.

I've taken the rest of the week off to make sure we're ready. Having returned from finishing the steering wheel project last night (I don't want to talk about that), I attempted something more creative into the wee small hours of the morning; being correct for her later life in Somerset, 270 KTA's destination blind doesn't feature Kingsbridge - or, rather, didn't, until I set forth with eleven sheets of tracing paper, a pair of nail scissors and two sticks of glue. Look okay?

One particular highlight will be between duties, when we'll be using the overflow parking at Jades Electronics factory - the old Western National Kingsbridge depot until 1971, and the very building to which 270 KTA was delivered new in 1962.

The journeys themselves promise to be a lot of fun. Our runs to South Pool and East Portlemouth are typical of the terrain which meant that the Kingsbridge fleet consisted of narrow vehicles, often single track with hard Devon banks on either side. And they're a twisty test of the driver's navigational skills...

Good job 270 KTA's a native; let's hope her memory's better than mine...

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