Thursday, 5 January 2012

Turn Of The Half-Century

Happy New Year from my friend and me.

For our new readers, cattle-herded in this direction by an insistent Christmas card, I strongly encourage a quick canter through the posts of the last twelve months. 2011 was a landmark year for 270 KTA, one in which fortunes were reversed, and a poorly SUL of old returned to the road once more.

There were many highlights, lowlights too, and you’ll find them all here.

2012 will be just as significant. It will be precisely 50 years this Summer that 270 KTA was delivered new to Western National’s Kingsbridge depot. We’ll be marking that anniversary in many ways, including a return to the depot on the day in question, a tour of all the West Country depots she worked from subsequently and, of course, the annual Royal Blue coach run in June/July – her first.

There’s much to be done to enable all this – a whole loo roll’s worth , in fact – and you’ll be able to follow progress here.

I began 2011 with a bus that didn’t work, and a blogpost of photos from the days when it did.

I’m pleased to say I can start 270 KTA's half-century year by doing it the other way round...

A shot from 1976 showing 270 KTA leaving Weymouth, probably on her final day with Western National. The tow truck is RV8, also now preserved, and ironically living about ten feet away from 270 KTA. Let’s hope there’s never a need to get any closer…

Photograph by Dave Habgood, (c)Colin Billington Collection

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