Sunday, 18 March 2012

Pipes And Peace

The old adage about 'prevention not cure' doesn't really work for a Bristol SU. Its owner must do both.

Today I'm preventing a problem we had to cure on the road last year. Keen followers will remember, perhaps first hand, the limp home from South Pool on three-cylinders, spraying the South Hams with Diesel at a quid per squirt.

Broken injector pipe 2 has long since been replaced. 1, 3 and 4, though, are three more embarrassing moments waiting to happen. Whoever fitted them couldn't have worried less about them rubbing against each other, and consquently they've almost worn through.

So they're off, ready for new ones to be made this week. For the philosophical, peace of mind costs £25 per pipe plus VAT, so it's worth buying. And it's certainly cheaper than Diesel at the moment.

For now, enjoy 270 KTA's entry for this year's Turner Prize. It's called 'Peace'...

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