Thursday, 7 June 2012

Love and Affection

With such a succession of MOT failures in our early days together (most of them failures even to reach the test station), I suppose the least I’m owed is two passes in a row. Good.

270 KTA sailed through her second MOT yesterday, quite literally. Yesterday was the wettest day since biblical times, and now we know why Noah chose not to fit an opening windscreen to his ark. SUs were always known to leak in severe weather, and I’m happy to confirm that mine still upholds the tradition very well.

Between that and the nearside wiper being blown onto the roof every other mile, plus visibility so poor that I’ve now almost forgiven myself for missing a turning, our usually pleasant two-hour journey up to Guscott’s of Halwill Junction turned into a three hour struggle against the elements.

We arrived way too late for our 8am slot, so 270 KTA had to spend an unexpected day in Halwill waiting for a vacant MOT slot in the afternoon. Meanwhile, her (soaking wet) owner was kindly given the use of a Guscott’s courtesy car to get him back to Plymouth in time for his radio show. It was not my finest hour…

That said, when I arrived (post-show) at Guscott’s exactly twelve hours later to collect our friend, I was very light of heart: it was a pass. Another year of adventures and, crucially, celebrations in her 50th year.

I was completely knackered. The drive back was like the drive there, only darker. After locking 270 KTA away for the night, I eventually arrived home at midnight – 20 hours after I’d left home that morning. It must be love.

Thinking about it, I don’t know when somebody last managed to keep 270 KTA on the road for two consecutive years. It’s probably not even within my lifetime. Other than the (distinctly questionable) lapsed MOT I inherited when I bought her, the only certificate I have is from 1982/3. Given the history, it’s plausible this was the last time.

So… we’re on for Weymouth on June 17th, and the 50th Anniversary tour that week. For those who have been waiting forever for details of that, I will be setting it in stone on Sunday; details will follow here, and on email for those who have asked to be kept informed… Plus, I’ll reveal that salacious gossip I promised in my last post – it all ties in.

Now, where’s my towel…

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