Sunday, 17 June 2012

On Tour at 50: Day 1

Quick highlights and lowlights: Day 1

- Glorious sunshine, out of nowhere, for almost the entire day. A result.

- Tea in a layby of 270 KTA's choosing at the side of the A30. The throttle return spring snapped just past Exeter airport, leaving us bowling along at 53mph with the throttle jammed OPEN. I managed to stall her and roll into a layby, where an hour with a pair of molegrips put us back in business. Disaster averted.

- Arriving in Weymouth to find 270 KTA's picture in the rally programme - thank gould we made it. It was a brilliant event - Robin, Graeme and Terry deserved the sunshine.

- 270 KTA's very own birthday cake, made by the lovely Jill Ponsford - hope she and brother Andrew enjoyed the ride (dog Humphrey prefers trains)

- Being greeted by an old Southern National driver from Weymouth whose first words, unprompted, were: "Do the throttle springs still go on it? We always used to carry a spare." Sadly he didn't have any on him.

- Marvellous recreation of the 1976 photo I have of 270 KTA outside Radipole depot behind a tow truck. No truck required today (in the end);

- Splendid trip around the Edge of the Mendips on The Fosse Way, with photos at Evercreech Junction, "the Clapham Junction of the West" according to John Betjeman. It's now an industrial estate...

- The biggest gammon steak in the world - and certainly Wiltshire - to finish a long but rewarding day.

Tomorrow?... Go on then.

Pics of all the above and more to follow.

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