Wednesday, 20 June 2012

On Tour at 50: Day 3

You're never alone with an old coach.

Today, like days one and two, has been made complete by the many wonderful people we've met along the way.

From Steve and Emily - avid readers of the blog (“We always laugh, seeing what the coach does to you“) - who turned out to see us in Bridgwater, to the chaps at First in Taunton who not only allowed us into the depot and bus station for photos but insisted we went in for a coffee and a look through some old photos. Magic!

Neil Markwick arrived from Bournemouth to join us for the day, so no surprise that a long lunch in the sunshine ensued... Very nice, too.

Mr Farley, now with car, managed some excellent 'on the road' shots, some of which you'll see in the full write up in due course - probably once I'm back home on Thursday, after a very long lie in...

Another faultless performance from 270 KTA today - I could get used to this...

Bring on the Big Birthday tomorrow.

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