Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Infamy, Infamy...

Unlike a career in radio, owning a bus means you get recognised.

How lovely to meet so many people at Sunday’s Plymouth Hoe rally who knew all about 270 KTA’s exploits as soon as they saw her.

“Got any springs, David?”, came a shout as I parked up.

“I found these and thought of you” said another, pressing some photographs of SUs into my hand. Brilliant.

“Good to see she made it -- this time” came another cry. Bloody cheek.

When I started writing the blog two years ago, it was my intention to share all the bits of bus preservation which are normally hidden behind barn doors, where things tend to look very different to the scenes we enjoyed on the Hoe on Sunday. Little did I think that over 12,000 people would find it a thing of interest, many of them making it a regular place to visit…

I’m thrilled – it’s great to know you’re there.

I only hope that our run of recent successes (Sunday included) won’t discourage those who enjoy the more sadistic element of reading the blog. Rest assured, there’s much potential for late night despair and jeopardy in the next few weeks as I try to renew the studs in 270 KTA’s nearside rear hub.

All the studs have been replaced with bolts of various sizes over the years, and all are working themselves loose with use. It’s going to be a horrible job, with each stud needing to be specially machined down to size; plus, it’s going to need to be done against the clock if we’re to make our next appointment in the rally calendar, published here in a moment of foolhardiness a few months ago.

See, you’re already interested.

Speaking of the calendar, I’m pleased to add to it the Warminster Running Day on October 7th, when 270 KTA will be retracing her 1968 steps on some of Western National’s Wiltshire routes. It’ll be a fitting close to the rally season in her 50th year, and great to meet again some of the new friends we made on her Birthday tour.

See you there too? You're sure to recognise one of us...

Photographs courtesy of Laurence Mayhew - very nice they are, too.

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