Sunday, 13 January 2013

Art Gearfunkle

Last Winter, we exhibited some tangled injector pipes on the blog as 270 KTA's artistic entry for the Turner Prize.

Today, we present this:

Every artist will have his or her own interpretation: Donatello might have called it Cambio di Velocità - Stanco Morto; to Monet it would be Boîte de Vitesses - Crevé.

Here in Devon, I decided to call it "Gearbox - shagged".

Good job we can still laugh, eh?

At the very least, we now know the cause of the unpleasant noises in November. It would appear that a stud on the bottom of the gearbox had worked loose, and we ended up losing more or less all the oil inside.

Hurts even to think about it, doesn't it?

What you see in the Turner Prize are metal filings from inside the gearbox, attracted to the magnetic body of the oil bung; it's not unusual to have some, but in this quantity, and under these circumstances, it's a worry.

So the gearbox is coming out.

We may be lucky - it drove home without a hint of what was going on, so there may be minimal damage inside - but I'm taking no chances. I feel bad enough about it as it is.

Let's be positive. I'm going to become one of the world's leading experts on how a David Brown gearbox works - and that means you will, too! If rebuilding one is an art, then an artist you'll become!

Yeah! Good job this terrible thing happened, really...

Oh gould.

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