Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Gearbox Rebuild 1: The Plan

As many celebrate miraculous resurrection this weekend, those of us at 270 KTA headquarters will be trying to perform a miracle of our own.

Work will commence this weekend to remove and rebuild 270 KTA's gearbox. In case you missed the motivation for such a task, it's worth reading about our difficulties in Looe and subsequent discoveries.

Regular readers who enjoy our tales of woe and the drive to overcome will, no doubt, have much to look forward to in coming weeks as we discover what lurks inside the box. It could be good news, it could be bad…

The broad plan is to get the box out and strip it to assess bearings and other likely causes of our noises. While it's out, we probably will take the opportunity to fit a new clutch and also to tighten up the gear selector on top of the box, which is currently loose and resulting in much pudding-stirring at the driver's end.

For those who can't imagine what's inside a David Brown five-speed constant mesh gearbox, this will be a good period of learning. You can expect pictures, explanations and cathartic ranting.

So, as I say, lots to look forward to. And knowing jobs on 270 KTA, this is bound to last longer than your Easter eggs…

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