Monday, 11 March 2013

The Cover Girl

This time last year I published a list of events that 270 KTA would be attending.

This was a foolish thing to do. Not only did it enable you to spot whenever things had gone wrong, but the more superstitious among us might even say it was invitation to ill-fate. I've since promised never to promise ever again.

But here's an event we have to attend, come what may...

The good people at the Warminster Vintage Bus Running Day have made, if I may say so, a very wise choice of Cover Girl for their posters and advertisements this year.

Who could resist such a charming smile, looking out from the pages of magazines, from posters,  billboards and, of course from the screens of computers and phones; enticing people all over the country to come along to rural Wiltshire to enjoy a ride...

Of course, we know the smile is as much a sign of mischief as of good intent, but people are sure to be charmed. If there's one thing 270 KTA has mastered, it's drawing an audience in front of which to show me up...

Tee hee.

No. In all seriousness, it's a great honour for 270 KTA to be associated with one of the country's best established and most highly respected running days, and I'm so pleased to have been selected. It's an honour we shall live up to, whatever happens.

In general, I'm anticipating that this will be less of a year for motoring than last year (when we clocked up around 2,500 miles), and more of a year for getting some big jobs done. Of course, we'll strive to be at the key events - Warminster being amongst them - but I'd like to get a lot more done in the way of restoration than a full calendar of outings would allow.

The gearbox is about to come out; Easter weekend is the chosen date for removal, and we'll see what awaits us inside. Then I'll think about whether Penzance is an achievable goal on April 21st - and maybe, just maybe, I'll tell you if I decide it is.

But don't put us on the Penzance poster yet...

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