Monday, 22 April 2013

A Sordid Confession

To 270 KTA: I have something to tell you.

This weekend I went out with someone else. It was your sister.

You see, it's been difficult between us these last few months - you with your problems, me unsure of how best to help - and a man needs to do what a man needs to do.

I looked around and there she was - with that familiar smile...

This was just supposed to be a bit of fun - nothing serious, just a little weekend away... the two of us... by the sea... in Penzance. You know how it is.

Okay, I'll admit it. I bought her gifts. Something new to wear for the weekend. I even placed it upon her brow as I've done to you so many times before. I stood back to admire how she wore it; I was taken in. But only because she reminded me of you.

On the journey down she talked in hushed tones. Even her voice made me think of you. As we drove, I thought of all the fun times we'd had together - suddenly it was like Bridgwater all over again, and I was under her spell. We went for miles. We were happy...

But you have to believe me - all the time I was pretending she was you.

And then, suddenly, she turned; showed me her true colours. In an instant she was done with me - a complete change of heart. She didn't want to come away after all.

We had a huge argument at the roadside. Even the Police got involved at one point. It was over.

She soon found another man to drag her around that night. I was left to trail behind as best I could, weak and powerless, trying to steer the situation away from an unhappy outcome.

I wished I hadn't been unfaithful. I knew it would end in tears.

I said goodbye and went off to drown my sorrows at a much nicer bar.

The last time I saw her that night, she was standing with her front completely exposed while her new man unscrewed himself and drove away into the night. Once a North Devon girl, always a North Devon girl, I thought...

Can you ever forgive me?

I could come and see you next weekend, and patch things up. We could sort all your troubles, and things could go back to the way they were... We could go away for weekends together, just like we always did...

And I promise never to stray again. Unless it's an SUS...