Saturday, 13 April 2013

Light Relief

It's been a difficult few weeks at 270 KTA Headquarters, and Saturday night finds our friend's owner in need of comfort.

Hurrah for Ken Jones, who offers us the ultimate light relief in the form of his newly delivered N-Gauge 270 KTA, scratch-built by Malcolm Hall to Ken's specification.

At 1:148 scale, it's something like 57mm long, 15mm wide, and Ken tells us that unlike its slightly larger forbearer, it comes complete with a fully functioning gearbox. I suspect it'll be out on a Taunton town service before mine will.
Were it not for the fact that our frustrations have also brought about great progress in the last couple of days - some new parts sourced, others mended (an update on which will follow) - I might have considered a swap.
Not that Ken would, I suspect...

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