Monday, 2 June 2014

A Really Useful Engine

There are, would you believe, a few times in life when owning buses and coaches can actually be useful.

I well remember the day when, as a small boy, our new patio furniture was delivered to our house by Bristol Lodekka, and unloaded into the garden through the emergency door.

Ten years ago, I left University with all my scholarly possessions crammed into the aisle of a Bristol SU, which just happened to be attending a rally nearby. My flatmates couldn't believe what they were seeing, and finally saw the benefits of a hobby they'd obviously misunderstood.

Last weekend, I was at it again, this time with 270 KTA who just happened to be attending the South Devon Railway's excellent 1960s Gala...

.... and was therefore able to perform a useful task.

Here we see 'Buyer Collects' in action, as two enormous railway signs, purchased from the SDR by your author for his collection, are taken aboard the nominated pantechnicon for the day.

See. Entirely useful...

By performing these little tasks every now and again, a vehicle is able to persuade its owner that the expense, grief, worry and strife it may cause in between trips the local garden centre to pick up a rare tree* - are all entirely justified.

(*Sheppard Senior in 275 KTA, 2011.)

If only our friend could find me a wall to put them on. Now, that would be useful...

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