Monday, 16 June 2014

Porky Appendages

In response to a number of complaints about recent double entendres, I'm going to do all I can to keep this post free from potential innuendo.

That won't be easy, mind, because this one's about a sausage...

When I was first reacquainted with 270 KTA years ago, my Dad received a message which read: "Just seen 420! Looking very sorry for itself. Very tatty, bashed-in rear dome, and it's got no sausage".

You see, to fans of Western and Southern National, a sausage is not just for breakfast. In our world, a nice, fresh Porky White sausage is far less appetising than a really old one which has gone green. A sausage like this...

Sausages like this were fitted to the sides (and often, fronts and backs) of touring and express coaches in the 1950s and 60s, and were a distinctive part of the companies' coaching liveries.

270 KTA carried one on its boot-lid from new until its livery change in the early 1970s, when most sausages had their chips and were taken off. Since then, it's been a source of great annoyance that our friend is without this porky appendage.

A very good friend of ours (let's call him 'G') was sympathetic to my frustrations, and was kind enough to supply an original sausage in "as removed" condition. From chalk marks on the back, it appears this came from 1205, an early style SUL which carried sausages on its sides as well as rear. (1205 went on to work on the Isles of Scilly, so incidentally, this one narrowly escaped becoming a Scilly Sausage... or worse, as the rest of the coach ended up being pushed off the side of a cliff.)

Anyway, I digress. As part of the huge list of jobs I’ve been ticking off in the past few weeks, in preparation for the Royal Blue Run this coming weekend, I’ve finally set about fitting the sausage. It’s cleaned up remarkably well, and with the later style of fleetnames (carried by 270 KTA from 1969 onwards), it looks as though it’s never not been there.

Oh – and about that bashed-in roof dome… as you can see, that’s in the process of being sorted, too. No hurry, Sheppard... 
More on the run at, and updates to appear here in due course. By my reckoning, when we make our way up the A303 to London on Thursday, it will be the first time our friend has been outside the West Country since 1984…

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