Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Autumn Fall

They say that pride cometh before a fall.

A proverb with its roots in biblical times, essentially it means that if you allow yourself to become too proud of your SU, you're certain to end up with a head-gasket failure...

... and look how proud I am here.


270 KTA's appearance at the South Devon Railway's superb Diesel Gala received a characteristic warm welcome from all, and afforded much cause for pride.

Whilst a fairly intensive free bus service was operated alongside the railway, Pearce & Crump-style, there were numerous opportunities to exploit the driver's vanity for photographs such as these.

As well as 'rail replacement' trips to Ashburton, we operated a few photographers' specials to Staverton - a quintessential, rural GWR branch line station, with level crossing, station yard (and "To the National Buses" sign) - which made for some really excellent poses...

... and, of course, our friend looks very at home outside the station at Buckfastleigh. 

No wonder, then - with all this pride about - that we seemed to get through an awful lot of coolant on the final day. A quick check tonight reveals levels on the dipstick have risen dramatically, and the lovely fresh oil I changed only a month ago is now looking like full cream...
I've yet to confirm it properly, but I suspect the ancient proverb has come true. This will be the Winter when I remind myself how to change a head-gasket.
Deep joy, and deep breaths.
For now I'll just console myself with railway trifle...

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