Thursday, 22 January 2015

Colouring In

Since we last spoke, the bleak mid-Winter has been brightened by many hues and colours.

This hideous, but at least bright emulsion is what I released from 270 KTA's sump just before Christmas, following our suspected head gasket problem. Needless to say, the issue was instantly confirmed by both colour and volume of the contents, an unhappy mix of oil and coolant. Good job we stopped when we did...

And so, the Winter blues.

This cheerful shade comes to us from an original Payan head-set for an Albion EN250H engine, with all the bits we'd need for the head gasket change. Sadly, this set's already been used (don't forget, we're a Two SU Family...), but I think we may have found another...

More news on the head gasket replacement in the next couple of weeks, when this blog will become a virtual Haynes Manual for anybody else wishing* to do one on their SU.

*be careful what you wish for.

In the meantime, here are some greens. Early harbingers of Spring, perhaps, these are 270 KTA's seat frames, undergoing repaint into their original shade of green.

If you've ridden on our friend recently, you'll know that his seats are very tatty, and in some cases badly torn. A few weeks ago I was invited to rummage through some spare backs and cushions, most of which are a vast improvement on 270 KTA's worst (none of which are his originals in any case). They'll certainly see us through for a year or two until an impending order for some new moquette becomes a reality.

As is the way with bus preservation, one job leads to another, and so I've spent little corners of the Winter so far, on my knees, rubbing down seat frames....

Oh yes - and some late autumn rusty browns. Followers of the ongoing SU wheel saga will be delighted to note the arrival of these, two original style wheels to add to our stocks. I now have three in my posession, another one which is promised in due course, three up in the wilds Yorkshire awaiting collection and one more in a secret location whose liberation has yet to be negotiated.

They'll look nice when I've coloured them in.

And so, lots to do - and so little time before Penzance Running Day on April 19th. Better get the magic pencils out...

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