Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Somebody's Coming To My House

Not being a parent or guardian to anything other than a 1962 Bristol SUL coach, I've neatly managed to avoid the awkward experience of telling a child there's a little brother or sister on the way...

Until now. 

You see... (and this is awkward)... gestation is now sufficiently far advanced that I'm going to have to reveal to our friend - and to you - that there is, indeed, another one on the way...

Now is not the time for a lecture on the birds and bees, or even the BDVs; suffice to say the stork will soon be bringing, on his low-loader, this little bundle of joy to join our family.

And, as is every family's dream, I've been blessed with one of each: an SUL coach and, now, an SUL bus. To those who need a lesson, both are of the same type, but 270 KTA is bodied for tours and longer-distance work, while the new arrival was made to suit timetabled bus work. Just like brothers and sisters, their bodies have substantial differences, but what makes them work is basically the same.

No doubt, they'll get on tremendously and unite in the challenge to make life difficult.

As parents and multiple-bus owners alike will know, I face years of exactly the same pain we've been through already with 270 KTA. As Grandfather-to-be-Sheppard pointed out on hearing the great news, "Oh Jesus. It'll all need doing". He's so proud...

But I think we can get through this. Indeed, in the context of the wider family, what's one extra mouth to feed? (We are actually now a five-Bristol family: An FLF, three SULs and a VR... but then we always knew families were complicated.)

There'll be more on this development from the delivery room in a couple of weeks. But, in the spirit of breaking the news, I do want to reassure you that life around here won't be changing too much. This Winter's Loo Roll List of jobs on 270 KTA will continue to take priority over more or less everything else in life during the next few months, and we're certain to have our usual pre-Penzance crisis in early-April. It'll realistically be a good few months before I can start to chip away at what is sure to be a slow and gradual restoration of our new arrival.

Funny thing is, though, it's not even here yet and already it's keeping me awake at night...

An Irving Berlin song which will be known to Laurel and Hardy fans from Chickens Come Home.

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