Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Inner Hope

"Everything that is done in the world is done by hope."

Martin Luther may not have been taking an SU for MOT but, had he been, he'd have twiddled the blinds accordingly.

Inner Hope paid off for our friend (and five of his friends) on Monday, as Dave Guscott awarded us yet another year of motoring.

"Still going strong", he said. We've become his regulars.

Actually, a bit more than hope went into 270 KTA's MOT. A two-day inspection and service, full grease and filter change kept me busy last week, alongside coats of paint on the new front wheels (hopefully to be fitted this weekend).

And so to Kingsbridge Running Day on September 17, where 270 KTA will be giving free rides in the capable hands of Driver Farley while I nurse yet another delicate SU back to the road (no - not the brother quite yet!).

Our friend will be tackling the notorious route to East Portlemouth, plus a new foray to Bigbury-on-Sea and another to... Inner Hope.

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