Friday, 21 October 2016

Get Some Nuts

Photo: Helen Bolt
For those who failed to spot anything of note in the last post, this man is offering regular lectures to anyone who'll listen.

Not that you'd want to listen for long...

Regular readers will be t(i/y)red of hearing about wheels, so I'll keep this brief: the front two are now on.

Not only that, they've already done the best part of 700 miles. They've carried our friend through another successful Kingsbridge Running Day (worth a read of the blog here to see what 270 KTA encountered); they've taken us up and down Haytor on a Dartmoor tour for the Kingsbridge drivers; and, in the last week or so, they've taken us to some very new pastures indeed - more about which coming soon in our series of 'Island Specials'.

Photo: Helen Bolt
But for now, here's the pictorial story of the much heralded wheels being made good. I promise not to mention them again... until I tackle the back ones.

So now you're interested?...

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